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Bespoke Commissions

Every now and then a commission comes along that is outside of normal work, often demanding different skills or materials and always a lot of information exchange.

The photographs below describe one such project.

Design requirements

What was required was a rod that would look like it was 80 years old but cast as well as a 'modern' rod. It therefore needed a nice taper but old style aesthetics. The aesthetics also had to include the specific requirements of the owner in respect of hand made fittings.

overall rod

That the rod would be close whipped in a classic burgundy is no surprise but the ferrules were specifically designed in a step down style to be in period and look slimmer than super Z. The reel seat and handle are all cork and made darker with Ebony trim and nickel silver hand made reel fittings. The butt ring is hand made in the low set vintage style with genuine agate liner.

The cane is richly flamed and gloss varnished and the taper is semi-parabolic for a 3/4 weight line.

The case

In addition to the rod is a very special case specifically designed and made to house it. Constructed of Mahogany the case has Macassar Ebony top and bottom and brass military corners. The inside of the top and lid are lined with White Ash.

open case

The internal rod rests are lined with kid leather and the rod is retained by a hinged clamp. the handle is turned from solid ebony and secured with polished brass attachments.

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