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Test rods

1                     Garrison 206.  This is a classic taper and illustrates very well the nature of Garrisons designs.  It is 7ft 6in in two sections and casts a 4/5 weight line.  It is a medium action rod that flexes throughout its length and has an ability to throw a range of loop shapes depending on the casting stroke used.

2                     GR taper.  This 7ft 6in rod has a fast action and casts a 4/5 weight line.  It is the taper most frequently selected by those who have grown up with Graphite rods and enjoy having the facility to generate quite fast line speeds.  Nevertheless it is by no means extreme and can be cast with a slower stroke.

3                     Pack rod.  7ft 4 piece for a 5 weight line, this surprises all who cast it as it does not suffer due to the extra ferrules.  It is a fast progressive taper but with a delicate tip that allows fine presentation.

4                     Smallstream.  This taper has been designed as its name suggests for those small overgrown waters that often still harbour large fish.  This example is 7ft 6in in length but most are made less than this.  It has a through action being stronger in the tip than most small rods with the main flex being below the ferrule.  Casting is perhaps surprisingly crisp and it will handle a range of lines from 3 to 5.  It is a “safe” taper in that even in shorter lengths the tip is well protected by the deep flexing action.

5                     Leonard 50 DF.  My go to rod, 8ft 0in with a smooth progressive action a fine tip and a strong butt, in use for 10 years now.  5 weight lines.

6                     Sir D 7ft 6in.  A modern American taper based on the designs of Wayne Cattanach the 7.5 rod is more of a true 4 weight than the 7ft one.  Casts with delicacy and features the roll casting hinge in the butt.


The above rods are always available and others come and go

Elite rods

1    8ft 0in for a 3 to 5 weight line.  This lightweight smooth actioned rod typifies the Elite range giving a crisp responsive feel which performs well with a wide range of lines.

2    7ft 0in for a 4 weight line, this rod is all about precision with a tip and middle action and great delicacy.


I do of course have lines to suit all of my rods but people are welcome to bring their own, call me on 01332 518653.

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