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Restored Rods

Recent work

Five recently completed rods as shown on the coarse rods page.  More of a close up above with a rod by Olivers of Knebworth in the foreground, lovely colour silk.

Restored Ealing Avocet

First Barbel to this restored classic, more and bigger to come no doubt. Andy Pattison, The Ouse.

Avocet and Barbel

Allcocks Wizard

Allcocks Wizard, a gold oval label version with a good sized whole cane butt, a well balanced rod now nearing completion in the final stages of varnishing.

Pictures below show the the original condition that includes failed whippings and rusted rings. Typical of a rod bought on ebay in notionally "good" condition.

Wizard butt ring

In the photograph above the original butt ring is corroded and the frame is bent. More than a little better in the picture below after restoration and ready for re-fitting.

Restored butt ring
Allcocks Wizard

Another example of the original condition the transfer is mostly complete but has a noticeable scratch. This is considerably improved after some restoration as seen below.

Transfer after some restoration
Before and after reel fittings

This Wizard originally had blued brass hardware, a little bit of which can still be seen on the left hand reel fitting above. The one on the right is the other half of the pair after careful cleaning polishing and re-bluing. All the hardware on this rod has been restored to the same standard.

In the picture below the almost complete restoration, re-whipped throughout in red silk. New low bells life rings throughout with a new agatine tip ring and the restored butt ring. The rod has its original rubber button complete with traditional green felt washer.

Detail of restored Wizard
General illustration of Wizard restoration

Sale details SOLD

Now sold.

Completed Wizard

Hardy Roach rods

A pair of Hardy roach rods one with the desirable "Wallis" name. Light duty whole cane butt and middle with built cane tips. They each come with two tips, one long for float work and one short for legering, the tips are both close whipped. The work involves carefully removing all the old varnsh, re-whipping as required and complete re-finishing. A venerable pair of old rods that will be given a new lease of life.

Hardy roach rods
Wallis rod

The restored Roach Rod

This delightful old rod has now been restored to its former glory as shown below. Further photographs available on request.

Roach rod sections
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