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Fine Cane Rods - Bamboo Fly Fishing Homepage

8.5lb Sea Trout


The making of split cane rods has a history going back over a hundred years and has included many famous names producing large numbers of rods by machine in the golden age along with many hand makers of which perhaps the most famous is Everett Garrison. Both approaches can produce good rods but what makes a great rod is the care that is spent in every stage of its design and construction. Those afflicted with a passion for cane rods are driven to seek perfection and within these few pages I hope to describe and illustrate my own response to this very powerful affliction.

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The Rodmakers story

Short documentary

The link above takes you to a short video that gives you a look at my work.
Prepared by Alex at NTU I think that he has done a good job.

Pictures added to the Coarse rod page, Tench/centrepin and Carp/Centrepin.

Pictures added to coarse rods, restorations, photos and latest.

I will make regular additions to this website with items interest to lovers of split cane rods including new rods, restorations and articles on design and construction. Please check back now and then for an update.

A page has been added to show the range of test rods available for casting.

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